Oct 22, 2011

An update of knitting fun

Hello,long time no see,my dear blog.I feel like dramatizing,don't mind me.I'm finally doing this update,I don't know why,but I'm lazy when I have to update my blog.I like blogging,I really do.But for some reason I can hang on Revelry and Facebook for hours but when it comes to blogging,I say,I'll do it later,I have time.Yeah right.And then,all of a sudden you see it is11 o'clock and you have school tomorrow,......
Anyway Halloween is creeping closer (it is supposed to be scary so don't look at me that way when I say that something is "creeping" closer) and with it my sister's and my father's birthdays,too.Both were born on Halloween.My father works outside the country,mostly in Singapore,so I'm mailing him a package.And I thought,I haven't sent a letter to my penfriend in a while,so I'll do that,too.
Now,gifts are used regularly as a knitting excuse.So,what do you think happened next,I knitted a little sleeping heart filled with lavender for my father.Not really the smartest thing I have ever done.I mean,do you really think that knitting a red (freaking) fuzzy yarn on tiny red needles is really a smart thing?
Anyway,I had another felting fail.This time I think the problem was time,it has just started to felt when I had to take it out (because of that stupid school).I poped in the sink (that is where I felt) my nozzler Tio too,in an attempt to felt him.A stubborn creature he is,this is the second time I tried to felt him,better luck next time I hope.

  And the gift:
And to my penfriend,I didn't know what to make and deadline was approaching,I needed something fast,easy and friendly looking.My nozzler helped me out here.Mobile phone warmers kept appearing in front of my eyes so I decided on that.Basically this is the pattern.
The red line is the cast on edge and the green line is the cast of edge.When finished knitting (all stockinette stitch) fold the piece in half and sew the cast on edge together and blue edges together.Add a fancy button on the place where the purple dot is.Pull harder at one of the cast of stitches on the flap and pull it over the button to close.
Here is how mine looks like(ahem,my penfriends looks like):
Here is the postcard:
It is actually 3D and I thought it looked warm and friendly.
I also decided to take a little break from that bowl so I decided to do wham bam thank you lamb! neckwarmer.It has a nice rhythm to it,right?One day I found myself singing wham,bam,thank you lamb! over and over again.I ran out the fairytale color of the yarn and unfortunately so did my local yarn shop and Padova is a loong way away,so,I had to satisfy with the rainbow colorway.I found out that unfortunately they don't produce this type of yarn anymore,only mixes of this and cotton cloth. 
  Yesterday,we bought some vegetable and I saw Fleki munching through the plastic bag to get to the salad.And I yelled his name,and he,puzzled,jumped a step or two towards my with a look like:"What's up,don't you see I'm eating.".He just didn't get it,I laughed at the fact that he didn't even understand that he shouldn't be doing that.
da rascal
  And I couldn't resist to put this picture video videos of Fleki munching through his sweet-stick.

Oct 8, 2011

I feel like I'm knitting a sweater....

Yea,I do,a sweater.And a double layer one.Seriously,I just went through increase round,not only did I have a double the number of stitches I should have (which is 250 now) the whole round was k 2 kfb 1,now you do the math but I think it is at least 300 stitches.And it is a moebius!!!Which means knitted inside and outside in one continuous flow.So yea,if I wanted it could be quite a fancy sweater,but:
a)I don't have enough yarn
b)It is not very economical because I'm still growing (I grew 5 cm this summer)
c)I'm not going to waste my time knitting this for another person which probably wouldn't wear it or appreciate it.
d)you do a thin yarn double layer sweater moebius knitted on two circular needles if you dare and I'll raise you a monument (I would appreciate it if you don't get this literally).
So it's staying as a bowl.And this is how it would look like if it was a sweater (I persuaded my sister to model at 10:30 pm,lol):
I can't really find a right angle  to show evrything as it really is (and as it is a stockinette stitch it is curling on the edge).
Winter is coming and Fleki's summer "clothes" are starting to fall of.Good for me as a spinner,not so good for me when I'm feeding him 'cause hair is flying everywhere and is getting in my nose (which tickles,a lot).
Oh the cuteness.
Imagine these flying around your house everywhere your bunny goes.
I could not resist and fingerspun it on the spot.

And a close up!So fuzzy and soft...
Actually,Fleki didn't have so much black fur on the back when we adopted him.He just had a black stripe and some little spots around it,also the little hair on his head was gray(if I remember right).My mother finds more and more white hair on her head every year and I find more and more black hair on my bunny.I noticed some white fur on his hind leg starting to grey,I could bet that he would have some black fur there next year.

Yesterday was a rainy day.I came home,my socks soaking wet.I put them to dry(not outside of course) and pulled out my thick bunny socks!Oh the glory!I heard rainy days were happy days for spinners but I haven't spun one cm,I was to lazy to untangle that mess of the centerpull ball I plyed from.

The second from the left it is.
 We have a crazy plant at our home.I'm not really sure how to say it in English,but you know the plant that haves roots in the ground and then climbs on other trees barks in attempt to get more sun,but not a parasite,usually found in forests.Well ours is crazy,last month it tried to get higher by wrapping itself first around the window knob and then around the thing you adjust the window blinders with.We didn't dare move it away because we were scared we might hurt it.But eventually we had to.But now he goes into action again.


  Today was also the Croatian Independence Day,but today was also the International Day Of Nature disasters.We heard it on the radio in the car,we were laughing like crazy.Like: "We're really a natural disaster and nothing can stop us,lol!".
Which reminded me of this crazy man yogurt parody in which it says (translated to english):"We,psychologists with fat eyebrows think that those are sick people who have to be treated.There are also known cases of lamp man,(now shows some of our politicians) in my work I have met people fikuses (I think that means plant),people elemental disaster and even people women!"I was rolling on the floor from laughter while watching this.


Oct 3, 2011

Washed the yarn!!!and some philosophy

The incredible coincidence(or is it?) that the day I chose to wash my handspun(which is yesterday by the way).The issue in knittyspin has an article about washing handspun.Part of the reason why I washed it is the fact that I'm 2 months late with the blue-white yarn I promised my friend as a birthday present.Not so good with deadlines in the last time.So here is it:
I filled the sink with the warmest water that came out of the tap,added a maybe to much Garnier aloe vera hair shampoo(but what can I do,the thing takes it's time to come out and then comes a lot of it),let it sit maybe a bit to long (20 min) rinsed let it dry for 10 min,thwacked a bit,let dry again.I hope Fluff (3rd from left) stays soft....
And flash saves the day!
The plying process of my new yarn is taking longer than expected.I was planning to wash it together with this yarn but....

I also got a little tangle down here.That's the problem when plying outside and inside of centerpull ball.It knows to tangle.Maybe overspinning wasn't such a good idea ....
As for knitty,I'm a bit disappointed with the patterns,articles,stuff they are promoting,..I liked first fall issue better.And I have a big idea about combining this spinning daily spindles chart and this knitty fingerless gloves pattern and embroidering SPIN on the glove with spindles and KNIT on the other one and also embroidering a ball of yarn on the knit one.Gloves would be dark brown and spindles,KNIT,SPIN and the yarn of ball could be orange.I can't wait to knit them!

oh,and some inspirational music from P!nk:

Now if I go into the psychology of the spot I think that the fat girl that eats in the beginning says something like fat girls shouldn't be ashamed of themselves and shouldn't try to mimic those stupid,anorexic girls and be themselves.Pink killing the torero (bullfighter) says that if those people can just kill those bulls without sympathy so should those people be killed without sympathy and it is wrong to be involved with something as cruel as that.The scene where they feed calf with women's milk says that if our children can be fed with cow's milk so should calf be fed with ours milk.We all know it's wrong but we hide behind:we have always done that so what's wrong with it now?Well,I know what's wrong with it:most cows never see the outside of the farm.They are living creatures!They have feelings!That's the reason I'm a vegetarian.You can't make people do something without first showing them why is it this way and not another.I mean,would you really eat your bunny/cat/dog?Don't be like our religion teacher saying:God created animals so we could just eat them and use them and that's what it says in Bible.If that is true (which I believe is not) I'm not a catholic anymore.Thank you very much.      

Sep 29, 2011

Felting fail

This weekend I did lots of stuff (or tried at least,and I know it is Thursday but that miserable,boring place where people say bad things about you just cause they have nothing better to do also known as school came in the way).So,I finally decided it is time to felt the creature (also known as Tio).First I tried felting the swatch.
The swatch I tried felting in the washing machine.Nothing.Absolutely unchanged it came out.See:
It even rolls on the edge as it did before the attempt to felt!
Now that I think about it,I feel glad that it did not felt because I'm 87% sure it would break the washing machine (I say 87% because miracles still happen ) and then a certain somebody would kill me.That certain somebody also suggests that we try boiling the thing and that it will felt then.So I tried felting the creature following this tutorial:

It also failed.I mean,I didn't expect that it would felt completely because the body and head is 50% acrylic,but not even the mane and ears didn't felt which is 100% handspun wool.

I think that in both failures the most important reason is warm water.The water was supposed to be hot!
Lesson learned:always use hot water when felting.

Then,I finished crocheting  that backpack:

This was a great destash project.It all started as a school trip to a hideously boring sport competition closing(no sport shown) and me wanting to find some use for that fancy,fluffy,bumpy yarn which I bought on impulse.4 balls of it.I just started crocheting and notice-you can't see a thing!In knitting this wouldn't be such a problem 'cause stitches are on the needle,you can't miss them.But crochet,you have to see where to put da hook.Luckily,my friend had an extra ball of pink yarn and gave it to me.I crocheted them together.Fluffiness and bumpiness + seeing the thing = nice colors,fancy stuff,goes fast.I used the same process for the rest.The bottom was finished by the time we went back in the bus(did I forget to notice we came by bus?).My stash is twice smaller than before.I actually have enough space.
...by the way it is FREAKING HUGE!!!!
The stupid camera doesn't show the real colors....

And I also tried to wash all that handspun....I really can't make myself do it.I went as far as wind it in the skeins,no further.
I was suprised at how little there actually was.

Up is:Forest of Wonder.
Down is:Jungle.

 Fleki comes into inspection:

What's up?
My job is done.
Down:Sea Candy.

Thick,thin,overspun,underplyed,deal with it,it is my handspun.
The biggest of them all.

Smallest but certainly the softest.This is my first art hanspun and is so incredibly soft.I have ideas of making some heavenly soft fingerless gloves with this one and the one I'm spinning right now.

 It is pretty thin,but I still have mine thick and thin phases.